Annual Report

RISM Annual Report 2022-23

Most adorable chief guest, guests of honour, other dignitaries and our respected parents, I would like to welcome you all on this august occasion….

Dear parents this caravan, which begins with the number 28 has reached around 850.  The credit goes to you.  The time, place and situations may be the different but I can still feel the warmth of the first annual day to this date when we are celebrating 7th annual day.  I am feeling blessed

A heart filled with inspiration is all that we know since the very existence of RIS, Mehsana and that gave us the ambition of marching forward till excellence is achieved in all our endeavours.

This annual report of RIS, Mehsana is comprised of the efforts and achievements made during the year gone by and at the same time set the path for greater accomplishments in the year to come.  We take pleasure in summing up all our commitments which carried us to face various challenges in our drive through, during successful academic year 2022–23.

Let me begin with the first petal of RIS, 4-petal pedagogy

  • Academics:
  1. The present batch of gr-X is going to write the AISSE-2023 from 27th feb 2023.  They have already written three periodic tests and 1st pre-board and will be writing their 2nd pre-board from 6th Feb 2023.
  2. Two batches of gr-X have passed AISSE with flying colours.  We have already felicitated the toppers but I will be failing in my duty if will not call their name here.
  • Ms Dhanvi Rana scored 91.3% in 2020-21.
  • whereas 2nd batch topper Mst. Naitik Patel scored 95% in 2021-22 with a perfect 100 in Mathematics and set a new record.
  1. A series of academic activities, projects and assignments were given and assessed throughout the year.  Special focus is given on reading, writing and spoken aspect of language.
  2. Logical and verbal reasoning abilities were emphasized through L&R subject.
  3. Parents orientation and Parent teacher’s meeting is conducted for better communication.
  4. The school conducts Olympiads in the subject of Math, Science, English, GK and IT.  Students are trained and guided by their subject teachers in the school for these Olympiads.
  • In this session 4 students each got gold medal in International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) and International English Olympiad (IEO).
  • 14 students got gold medal in National Science Olympiad (NSO) out of which 4 will appear in the 2nd level in Feb 2023.
  • 17 students got gold medal in International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) out of which 5 will appear in second level.
  1. School exhibition gives an experiential learning opportunity to our children.  They see the languages, science, math and social sc. from a different perspective which is beyond evaluation.  This year we have conducted the school exhibition on the theme: “Azadi ka amrit Mahotsav” in which we have depicted the “journey of India: Azadi se ab tak”.
  • 2nd petal is PE & Sports: Understanding the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body, RIS, Mehsana has given due importance to the Physical education.  
    1. Regular sessions of fitness and mass drill were conducted.
    2. We have conducted “Sports week and sports day”.  An array of various sporting activities and competitions were conducted during Sports week as well as on other occasions.
    3. National Yoga day and National Sports day were celebrated in the school.
    4. Many of our students took part in Khel Mahakumbh Taekwondo event in which they got 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals along with cash prizes. 


  • To develop the human values and feelings, RIS conducts and involve students in various forms of ARTS & HUMANITIES which is our 3rd petal:
  1. We regularly conduct Art & Craft classes and vocal instrumental Music classes.
  2. Five students of gr-IX, took part in an art competition during PPC-2023.
  3. The school is conducting various cocurricular activities and interhouse competitions in which students take part and learn how to lose & win.  Participants and winners were appreciated during the assembly.
  4. A series of important events and celebrations were observed during morning assembly through which students come to know about the importance of people and events.
  5. It’s an honour for us that in this session RIS, Mehsana was selected as a venue to host the district level Kala Mahakumbh by the govt.  The management and teachers worked hard with the govt. officials to make this event memorable for the contestants & their guardians.

Winners of ten different talukas of Mehsana came at district level to contest.  Students of RIS represented Mehsana taluka in different events.  This means these students already participated, won at taluka level of Kala-Mahakumbh.

To name a few, our student Shrushti Sanghadiya in drawing, Rutva Patel in singing and group song team of RIS represented Mehsana taluka at district level and won accolades.

  1. Art work and sketches of our students were published regularly in the Time of India’s NIE paper.
  2. We are going to conduct the Gujarat govt’s “Prathmik ane Madhyamik Chitrakam Kaksha Pariksha” soon in our school. 
  • 4th petal is Life Skills:  In order to live in harmony one need to learn adjustment, for which students need to acquire certain life skills.  We try to teach our kids these attributes through
    1. Work education classes where they learn activities and daily house-chores that help them to be a responsible individual.
    2. School conducts educational visits to the conventional and unconventional industries, places that enhances students knowledge about people, their work, culture and career options available.

This year our students have visited Cold Storage, Paper Mill, Science museum, Patan, Bharat Dairy, Mehsana, Radio Mirchi, Ahemdabad, Times of India, Ahemdabad.

  1. School conducts various Life Skills & Personality development programs for the students.  This year a series of talk-show and workshops were conducted.
    • We have done awareness session on Azadi ka amrit mahotsav by Mr. Dankesh Oja.
    • District legal service volunteers conducted an Awareness session on POCSO act.
    • A musical therapy program was conducted for the students and parents to realize the healing power of music.
    • Our chairman Prahar sir himself conducted sessions on Life Skills and Personality Development.
  2. Sky gazing workshop by the professionals of Orphicy learning pvt ltd. was conducted in our school during which our students got an opportunity to see the celestial objects and planet parade.  They interacted 
  • Coming to the other initiatives:
  • To teach generation Z, a teacher need to be prepared and trained regularly.  All our teachers are regularly attending “professional development program”, trainings and workshop that helps them to cope up the teaching-learning challenges during and post pandemic.
  •  RIS, Mehsana hosted CBSE’s one day CBP for teachers on “Gender sensitivity in school”. 52 teachers of Rangoli group out of which 31 teachers of RIS Mehsana attended this training.
  • Principal himself has attended two days, National Annual Conference of Sahodaya Schools Complexes at Baroda.
  • The school has increased its capacity in transport.  New buses with trackable GPS system and lady helpers are added in the fleet.
  • First time we have successfully conducted an entrance exam of national repute. National Testing Agency entrusted our school as a venue to conduct AISSEE-2023.  Around 300 students were enrolled for the Sainik school entrance in grade-6 and gr-9.

Thank you as of now, the journey towards perfection will be continued till it is achieved.

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