Physical Education & Sports

Champions keep playing until they get it right.

  • Sports plays an important part in improving physical and mental health.
  • Sports week is celebrated with full vigour and zeal at Rangoli International School Mehsana.
  • The whole week has plethora of activities for various classes which includes Cricket, Football, Kho-kho, Chess, Badminton, Skating and so on.
  • A good sport helps in building confidence and leadership skills.

At RIS education is not just academics, but extends to a holistic development of a child, and sports plays a vital role in it. The basis of sports education or physical education starts in school. RIS offers a number of sports activities to build a healthy future citizen. Sports education aims to provide children with authentic and enjoyable sports experience. It always complements academic learning as it develops the overall personality of the students greatly. We help our students as follows:

  1. We have detailed course curriculum and have regular classes.
  2. We help the children to maintain their fitness, develop their muscular strength and increase their stamina.
  3. We help them to utilize and learn the best in class sports facilities at school itself.

We help in special coaching for the aspiring young sportspersons. We offer different sports activities like:

Skating activity | Best CBSE Schools in Mehsana
Football activity | Best Schools in Mehsana
Chess-Carrom activity | CBSE Schools in Mehsana
Kabbadi activity | Schools in Mehsana
Table tennis activity | English Medium Schools in Mehsana
Karate activity | Best CBSE Schools in Mehsana
Kho-Kho activity | CBSE Schools in Mehsana

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