Director’s Message

Mrs. Anamika Anjaria

Founder, Promoter & Director of Rangoli Group

Education is about how one generation communicates with the next. It is how we prepare, inform, counsel and inspire the young generation.

The questions of education belong not just to teachers, parents and students but to all of us: Who is being educated and how? To what end? What values are being conveyed in the educational process? What skills? What domains of knowledge? What talents are being nurtured? What abilities ignored or suppressed? Are we rewarding merit and effort or simply promoting the achievers only?

Change is constant. But it doesn’t happen on its own. A student in a school needs more than just “opportunity” to succeed in a challenging environment; he or she needs proper care, the intellectual tools and social skills that grant the ability to learn. That is what we aim to provide to our students: the ability to pick up any book, open any newspaper, browse any website, listen to any lecture and find a point of entry. A student who knows “how to begin” can survive on any campus and succeed in any environment. We believe every short story that students read, every historical event they study, every step forward they take in math and science is an opportunity to examine and enhance their own self-awareness and their understanding of human behavior.

Education is the context for all of social life. What we have learned forms our thoughts and beliefs. What we want others to learn shapes our actions and interactions. Education is always in the background, pushing and pulling us – determining our feelings, coloring our convictions, pointing the way toward new solutions.

At RIS-CBSE school in Mehsana, we believe that the more each of us thinks of ourselves as lifelong learners and teachers with the constant opportunity to make the most of ourselves and do the best by others, the sooner we will be able to come together as a community to ensure the greatest possible future for all young people.

Warm regards,
Anamika Anjaria

Mrs. Anamika Anjaria director of RIS Mehsana

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