Entreprenurship Development Module

Entrepreneurship education is concerned with fostering creative skills that can be applied in practices, education, and environments supporting innovation. A special program for the students is organized every year to develop and enhance entrepreneurship skills among young minds.

Entrepreneurial ability involves adaptive behaviors and strategies to influence others’ actions in relational, thereby driving innovation and bringing high returns. The entrepreneurship framework considers opportunity identification, entrepreneurial skills, and action as three key areas of entrepreneurial competence.

This activity is done during Christmas Carnival wherein the students were effectively given sessions on the entrepreneurship and guided them for the same well in advance. They were given time to select their own stalls for Chrismas Carnival and related requirements and planning the overall look and feel of the stall and how to manage and who will be responsible of the various on ground duties were discussed, planned and executed. The food and game stalls were totally managed by students. Students prepare a project report to the school which helps them to introspect their profit and loss and also the management to see the actual progress. Every year it helps the students to learn new ways of self-dependence and decision making. It is a great and a mass success event in which students totally enjoy themselves at the same time horn their business skills and create their own real life experience.


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