The library is a book lovers’ paradise with novels, magazines, encyclopedias, and subject-specific books. The library is managed by a well-trained librarian who not only motivates students to read but also assists the ones that are struggling to read. The library is equipped with over 1500 books for students to read and is forever a growing resource. For kindergartners, Big books are an attraction. All students visit the library once a week.

We make full use of technology:

  • Science Lab:Our composite science lab follows all safety guidelines and provides students an enriching environment to learn the practical aspects of Science.
  • Classroom: Well furnished, good ventilation, pleasing classroom wall colors.
  • Indoor sports: Physical Activities are an integral part of our curriculum. The school ground is used for football, cricket, athletics, indigenous sports, and other physical drills.
  • Edusport: Holistic education through sports. A structured curriculum for physical education according to the students’ age
  • Transport: For the convenience of the students the school has provided a safe and comfortable transportation facility to and from home.
  • Computer Lab: Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum. The lab has systems with upgraded software and broadband Internet connection in select PCs. Cybersafety of all our students is ensured through restricted and supervised internet access. We have dedicated faculties to supervise and enhance the knowledge of students.
  • Maths Lab: A place where students get an opportunity to discover mathematics by doing. Students use the teaching-learning materials under the guidance of a teacher to experiment and explore patterns and ideas.
  • Library: A school library is a place where students and staff are always welcome to use the available resources. We have a well-furnished library with a wide collection of boos attached to reading room facilities.
  • Smart Class: Digital class system aims at minimizing mental pressure in students and giving them the right concept of learning through visual and interactive whiteboards that are used for classroom teaching and involve students to learning with Technology.
  • Dance Lab: “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. The dance lab provides an excellent environment for dancers of all ages.
  • Music Lab: The music room is well equipped with Indian as well as western instruments. Students practice vocal and instrumental music here.
  • Art Lab: We at RIS lay great emphasis on creativity and passion for arts. The art room provides space where children indulge in drawing, painting, and craft.
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Multipurpose Hall: The school has a spacious multipurpose hall to showcase the talents of the budding artists, and amateur performers at all levels.